GSA | Super Mario 64 70 Star Tournament 2018

  • Players
  • Format
    Groups (4 → 2) then Single Elimination
  • Game
    Super Mario 64
  • Started
    December 9, 2018 at 7:16 AM EST
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Welcome to GSA's Super Mario 64 70 Star Tournament 2018!

*PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BEFORE SIGNING UP* Bet on all matches through this tournament's sponsor here! Signups close on November 21st, 2018 at noon ET

Signup Requirements

1) Join the GSA Community Discord so we can communicate with you:

2) Your Personal Best on the Super Mario 64 leaderboards on must meet at least one of the following requirements:

a) Under 53:00 in 70 Star

b) Under 1:49:00 in 120 Star

(note: you must play on either Nintendo 64 or Emulator (PC) versions)

3) You must be able to race within the GSA stream time window of 3-10pm ET (10pm being the latest time a race can start) and abide by each round’s start and end date parameters in the Tournament Timeline below

4) Please read these notes for all runners competing in GSA events:

5) If you are a sponsored competitor, please sign up using a 2-3 letter abbreviation of the organization you are representing followed by your Twitch username (e.g. XYZ TwitchUser123)

Prize Pool

This Tournament's Prize Pool will be the sum of support from sponsors and viewers collected throughout the competition on the GSA Twitch channel hosting the event (including bits, subs and donations). Winners are paid once GSA receives the respective Twitch payout for the support during the tournament.


Minimum Prize Pool: $750 USD

1st Place - 45% of Prize Pool

2nd Place - 23% of Prize Pool

3rd Place -13% of Prize Pool

4th Place - 7% of Prize Pool

Reach Quarter-Finals - 3% of Prize Pool each

Tournament Timeline

Group Stage (All 3 matches): Nov 23-Dec 5

Round of 16: Dec 7-11

Quarterfinals: Dec 13-16

Semifinals: Dec 18-20

Bronze Match: Dec 22

Grand Finals: Dec 22


You must stream all races using the Stream Settings required at the bottom of the GSA Runner Notes:

You will stream your races to an alternate account assigned to you by the stream producer.

You will be invited to participate in pre and post race interviews for every race. These interviews are not mandatory.

All races will be restreamed to and highlighted to GSA’s Second YouTube Channel

Cheat Prevention Method

Players will be told before the race starts to press the R button a certain amount of times on random star doors or while waiting for the bowser keys to make sure the run is live.


You must organize the date and time of your race with your opponent, then submit it using this form

Please communicate with your opponent in the private text channel for this Tournament’s runners in the GSA Community Discord. This way, in the event your opponent does not respond, we can verify you tried to communicate with them.

To schedule a match, you must submit the form a minimum of 48 hours before your requested match time.

Please fill out the form correctly. If you would like change a race time, please submit a form with your new race time and message arwyMilo#5015 on Discord letting him know you did so, and which race time you are cancelling.

In cases where opponents cannot agree on an available time to race within the stream schedule and tournament timeline, GSA will attempt to adjust to these runners’ schedules.

If no solution is found, GSA will allow the runners to come to an agreement as to which competitor should move on.
If no agreement can be made, GSA retains the right to allow the runner who has made their schedule the most available to move on, or disqualify both runners if we deem their schedules are equally conflicting.


Seeding for this tournament will be based on these factors in this order of priority

1) Most recent performance in a GSA competition for the same or a similar race category if applicable

2) Personal Best on for the respective or a similar race category if applicable

3) Random seed (for deadlocks)

Runner Technical Issues

If a runner’s stream goes down more than 3 separate times in a single match, they will receive a strike.

If a runner’s stream goes down for more than 5 minutes total during a single match, they will receive a strike.

If a runner’s stream goes down for more than 10 minutes total during a single match, they will receive 2 strikes.

Receiving 2 strikes in any single match will result in disqualification.

Receiving 3 total strikes throughout the tournament will result in disqualification.

In irregular cases of technical issues, a runner’s participation in the event may be subject to termination at the GSA Staff’s discretion.

Race Rules

All races are a best of 1 including Bronze Match

Grand Finals are best of 3

Head-to-head match result between the runners in question will have first priority in deciding group stage tiebreakers. Each runner's average end time over the group stage matches will have second priority.

Failing to finish a race will result in an automatic end time of 60:00 being given to the runner.

Rules (Visit this link and click “View Rules”)

If applicable, in cases where runners “game over”, they may continue the race from their most recent save point, even if that is at the beginning of the game.

In cases of close finish times that are less than 1 second apart, the stream producer and commentator(s) will decide who appeared to be the winner in the moment. GSA Staff will retime the runs after the stream to ensure the correct runner was given the win.

In cases where it is discovered that the wrong runner was given the win after retiming, GSA Staff will notify runners of the correct winner. If the match is a series, the runners will schedule a new day to continue their match (e.g. a runner appears to have won 3-1 in a best of 5 series, but after post-stream retiming, the score is now 2-2. Runners will then schedule a day to continue their match)


Failing to participate in your scheduled race without 6 hours minimum prior notice will result in disqualification.

Failing to be prepared to begin your race up to 15 minutes after the scheduled start time will result in disqualification.

If your opponent attempts to contact you to schedule your race and you do not reply with sufficient time before the round is over, your opponent will move on.

Exceptions to these rules will be made on a case by case basis.

GSA Staff members are not responsible for reminding runners of any rules or conditions described above before or during any scheduled race or deadline. It is the responsibility of the runners to abide by these terms and prevent any circumstances that may result in disqualification. This includes all information in any linked resources above and across all GSA platforms and content.

Final Results

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Icon medal second
Icon medal third















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